Exit Angles is a philosophy of breaking free. The path to inner and outer freedom. To be wide open and unafraid to accept the realness that lurks behind the surface of pretension. To be your most unapologetic self, and to see the real in others and encourage it with every fiber of a compassionate heart. To scream for life, unfiltered and limitless. To reach for possibilities beyond our materialistic society.

There may be a way out, a way to exit the capitalist mode and enter fully into community, DIY. An exchange with no sense of possession or lack. Just being. Becoming what you’ve always been and shedding the roles and identities we’ve put on to cope. Art and music with no commercial intentions is needed more than ever.

Remember how music makes you feel when you’re alone? Remember when you got goosebumps at shows? Remember feeling like you didn’t know where this performance might go? This is the atmosphere at Exit Angles shows. Pure music: Rock and Roll. Drums, bass, and guitars through loud amps projecting vibrations through the air. No tricks, no gadgets; pure sound with pure intent. Behind it, songs that pierce the heart, singing of a common pain, and a common yearning. Speaking out against the traps that ensnare us, conform us, that tell us to give up trying to transform the hideous world we’ve created. Asking questions: are we consumers, or are we builders? Are we just trying to obtain our own comfortable life in this world? Do our actions match our words?

We need to encourage each other to pick up the fight, to detach from the tethers that keep us spinning in our own ego orbit. To open up. To see unity, and not division.

If you find yourself at an Exit Angles show, you will witness four individuals playing pure soul music with total joy and total commitment. Not the genre “soul,” but the substance of who we are. You will see channelers, thrown about the stage, bouncing here and there, in ecstatic meditation. Witness the faces; the story is, we need this.